19 May 2010


My apologies, it must become boring slowly, I promise this is the last 'cross-court drop' post for a while. Here we have Daryl Selby against Laurens Jan Anjema at the semi-finals of the Dutch Open in 2009, first game. You don't have to watch the whole video, it wasn't an outstanding game (mainly Anjema looked like half asleep), just wind forward to 7:20 where Selby serves for the game at the score of 10:2 and watch a couple of times how Selby fakes the straight drop to then hit a mid-court cross drop. Nice one, but bear in mind: you should tempt this shot :1) only once, maximum twice in a match, 2) rather towards the end of the games (with your opponents legs already shakier) 3) rather at the end of a long rally that has had a couple of drives from your side (so that your opponent keeps expecting the straight shot). NO LET!