13 July 2010


Two great drops, the first one by Nick Matthew at 0:23, from the very back of the court. Look how deep he is going down to have his eye sight almost at the same level as the ball. One of the most difficult shots to execute properly technically speaking, and one that really distinguishes professionals - who use it all the time - from club players - who barely play it. In general, the other guy on the court, James Willstrop uses this shot more often than Matthew. To get a chance to play this shot well, you'll have to go down with the knees and hide the ball by bending the upper body as it can be seen from that great camera angle at 0:23. To make sure your're oppenent doesn't guess or read your intention (and to make sure that he stays behind the 'T' awaiting a drive), you'll need to make in general similar preparations even at your normal drives after the rebounce from the backwall. The second drop in this rally is a volley-drop winner form Willstrop at the end of the rally - a shot that even though looks subtle, is very physical as it needs very strong legs and hips to be controlled as it is in this case.