11 August 2010


Wael El Hindi is often mentioned as being a blocker. I am not sure why, I have seen him playing in the flesh, and watched him on the net too, but except one slight sign against Darwish in that great really at 0:28 that we've already  had in this blog earlier, I couldn't observe any really nasty behaviour. I can believe that against David Palmer this might be different as Palmer tends to make himself pretty 'wide' as well, but in the bellow rally there is nothing wrong, I think. Anyway: Hindi is a character, a great addition to any tournament; a good guy who plays beautiful squash and emits a general coolness, 'saying' with his smile and body language that nothing shall be taken too seriously. Don't take me wrong, whatever kind of talent you are, to get as high as world #8, you must work a lot, but I think Wael just refuses deep in his soul that very last degree of seriousness - both in terms of concentration and work - that would have allowed him to get even higher. His strongest points? Anticipation; he takes advantage so often from situations where his opponent is in front of him. His weakest point? Maybe his backhand. It's not bad at all, it's even very good when it comes to play it deep and high, but he can not generate power from that side. In positions in which anybody else in the top 15 would play a simple low 'kill', he keeps lifting the ball back high and deep - except when he decides to play a trickle boast, which again is something he is pretty good at. Anyway, whatever the result, the efficiency might be, thanks for the show Wael.