16 October 2010


Some wise words from Nick Matthew, paying tribute to both the tradition he was growing with (Peter Nicol) and the revolution inaugurated, as Matthew is mentioning it, by Amr Shabana and fulfilled nowadays by Ramy Ashour. Being able to analyse with a cool head both your professional context and yourself will definitely help to understand what you have to do to become a stronger player. Matthew understands clearly that he can't play the way Shabana and Ashour do, simply because to play so you need to be 'dressed' that way from the very beginning of your junior carrier. Nevertheless, he keeps his mind and eyes open to what he can and has to integrate from the new (Egyptian) school into his game (something that for example Peter Barker hasn't done yet). Let's also mention that the interview was made by Squashzag, check out his website to discover for example another interesting interview with Matthew there.