04 March 2011


Interestingly sometimes there is more to be learned from the secondary professionals as they are more conventionally composed movement and racket-technique wise as some of the top guys. One to be fully enjoyed, but not recommended to be copied is good old John White (whose legendary dive, by the way, initiated the existence of this blog). I am of course not talking about his game spirit (which was great: profoundly fair and funny at the same time) but mainly about his movement which could be described as slightly lazy (compared to the other top pros of course). He was pretty upright, he didn't bend the knee a lot as he didn't like to put a lot of weight on the forefoot, which resulted in that famous throwing of the upper body when he was on the stretch to get to a ball. But then again, who else can come up with an angle as the one on his final shot in the below rally. John was a great mixture of intensity and nonchalance and definitely one of the greatest entertainers of the previous generation next to Jonathon Power