26 April 2011


Okay, you surely remember the famous rally that followed this one in the quarter finals of the 2008 Tournament of Champions; it was probably one of the greatest rallies ever, John White being 2:1 and 10:9 match ball down against Gregory Gaultier. White looked so 'winded' (as David Palmer said it in the commentary box) and had so much to recover before saving his life with a cross kill hit from out of balance. So here we have the previous rally, Gregory Gaultier with his first match ball, and if you have a look at this one, your amazement and appreciation of the big man will surely only grow. Saving a match ball with a crazy rally might happen, but with two crazy and high quality rallies in a row is really rare. In opposition to that other famous rally, White was most of the time dominating/attacking here (I feel like Gaultier was even provoking White with deliberately not hitting good lengths at 0:25, 0:29 and 0:31) but White was patient enough and came out with the magic shot, the cross volley-kill into the nick, at the very best of times.