27 January 2011


No Let! The Squash Video Blog is generally not about news and actualities, but this time there is no way not to mention this: yesterday's semi-finals at the Tournament of Champions in New York saw two contrasting matches that showed, each in its own way, the absolutely best of squash. In the first encounter, Ramy Ashour created an even for his standards rare and crazy masterpiece, executing the still very well playing world #4 James Willstrop in little more than 30 minutes. There must have been about 20 volley kills into the nick in the three games and, apparently inspired by Ramy, even James, who in general thinks twice before going for it, has found a hilarious one towards the end of the second game - receiving standing ovation both from the crowd and from Ramy. Compared to the outrageous fast pace and surrealistic shot-making of the first semi-final, the second match of the night between squash legend Amr Shabana and current world #1 Nick Matthew offered a steadier and more conventional rhythm, both players waiting patiently for the openings before going for the attack. After a tight first game, Matthew won the second easily and it looked all over after 2:0 to the younger and fitter player. But from there the drama has started, and after facing two match-balls, Shabana equalled it to 2:2. In the below example, look at the precision, the retrieving and the accuracy level that these two were capable of producing after 87 minutes and 11:10 in the fifth game on match-ball. Incredible. So folks, if you don't want to miss the very promising final between the back in form Ramy Ashour and the currently seemingly unbeatable world #1 Nick Matthew, you better stay awake late and get on psasquashtv or bet365 to watch the pinnacle of this beautiful tournament.