05 May 2011


The volley lob, in certain situations, is one of the best preparative shots to force the loose shot from your opponent. At 0:15 there was already an excellent traditional lob played in the right front corner by Nick Matthew that forced a desperate loose over-the-head cross-court volley from Ramy Ashour, but Matthew couldn't convert it as his volley drop was of poor quality. Four shots later at 0:23 comes that wonderful volley lob played from the left service box. Note that Ramy's previous volley was straight and hard as he found the ball pretty low at that moment. Whereas when he played the volley lob he found the ball at a similar spot of the court but way higher than the previous one. Why didn't Ramy go then for his trademark volley-nick? Because Matthew's shot was not loose and Ramy could hit the ball only from behind himself; and this can be set almost as a general rule: you want to lift the ball when you hit it on the backfoot.