01 April 2012


Long quality rally between Hungarian champion Mark Krajcsak and Peter Barker at this year's Canary Wharf Classic, first round. Lots of variations, accelerations, decelerations, rhythm stuff, then breaking the rhythm and so on. Krajcsak (in red shirt) surprises Barker a few times - mostly at 1:32 with that lovely volley-boast - however it is interesting to note that whenever he is looking to gain advantage through sheer acceleration, he takes time away more from himself than from his higher ranked opponent - as for example at 1:00. Still, a very well constructed rally from both sides, even if Krajcsak was unlucky to find the tin after having forced the loose shot with that great volley-boast. To make a final point: I think this last shot was not only unlucky, it can also be analyzed from a psychological point of view: in general, when the underdog finds himself in a position where he has a chance to conclude, he rushes his execution, as he is fearing the recovering capacities of the favorite; whereas with a bit more cool, he might have hit that volley a touch later, with slightly less pace but more cut and precision, half killing-half fading it towards the back and the side-wall. Of course, easier said than done.