18 June 2012


We've had recently two monster rallies here on the blog and in both Mohamed El Shorbagy was involved. I even dared to note that El Shorbagy's pace is slightly too steady to trouble on a constant basis the top guys. 
It's though more than fair that squashtv came out with this compilation, showing Mohamed playing a few magic shots. Obviously the first one ( at 0:06) is the most spectacular, a deep kill-drop between the legs, but I also like a lot the third one, the Jonathon Power-like top spin reaction backhand-drop. 
El Shorbagy played this quarter-final match at the 2012 British Open whilst having had exams back at the Uni in Bristol. I was present at this match, and I had the feeling that after having lost the first game, El Shorbagy knew he would never win this match, so he started to relax a little bit. And apparently this is how it looks like when Mohamed El Shorbagy plays a little bit for the public, a bit in exhibition mode. 
By the way, never had the opportunity to mention it: Mohamed's Mum was standing next to me on the amazing gallery of the Canary Wharf Classic earlier this year. I had a good chat with her and she was also very knowledgeable about the game, applauding sincerely also Adrian Grant - her son's opponent of the day - when he was winning nice points. A classy lady she was, and I do not wonder that two world-class squash players come out of that family.